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Remove Collections from Credit Reports​

Everyone makes mistakes, including forgetting to pay a bill or having a debt go to a collections agency. You may have fallen on hard times and weren’t able to keep up with installment payments. Whatever the reason that you have a collections debt, it doesn’t have to affect your credit score forever. The team at Credit Score Revival (CSR) can help you with your unpaid collections removals from your credit report.

Unpaid Collections Removal

Even if you’ve paid a debt that went to collections, it can still impact your credit score. Even if the debt is old, it can affect your ability to secure a mortgage or get a car loan. Credit reporting bureaus don’t have to remove the item — even if it’s settled or successfully disputed — from your credit report until or unless they’re required to. Our collections removal experts offer full-service credit counseling services, even if you’ve had foreclosure or bankruptcy. We can help you draft a goodwill deletion letter to send to your creditors to give you a better chance at a derogatory mark removal from your credit. Give us a call for more information about your bankruptcy removal timeline and what to expect.
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Collections Removal Online Service

The major credit bureaus may have items on your credit score that go back years. These agencies aren’t required to keep up with what items are on your report, but many will work with a professional debt correction service to remove collections from your credit report. It can be hard to negotiate with large credit bureaus on your own, but you may not know what information a credit agency needs for unpaid collections removals. Are you also wondering what the best credit report to order now is? There are three major companies, plus some smaller ones, so it can get confusing when looking for a credit bureau report. Our online collections removal service can help you identify where inaccuracies live on your credit reports across the different bureaus and work to swiftly remove them.

Easy Removal of Credit Collections

If you’ve spotted an inaccurate credit collection debt on your credit report, you may not be able to remove it. If the debt has been paid, it can remain on your credit report for up to seven years. If you haven’t paid the debt, and it is a legitimate debt, your options are even more limited. However, a professional online service that helps remove collections from credit reports for those who have had difficulty with credit collections may be able to negotiate on your behalf. Full-service credit repair can help remove negative items, including derogatory marks. Having professional collections removal experts to help remove collections from your credit report is critical. For example, you may be eligible to have the debt reduced as a goodwill deletion exception by the creditor. We can help you craft the letter and plead your case to the creditor in question — while we cannot guarantee it will succeed, you will be put in the best position to make your case.

Remove Medical Collections From Your Report

Like other unpaid collections on your credit report, outstanding medical bills can drive down your credit score. However, unlike other unpaid bills, medical charges often don’t show up on your credit report until after they have gone to a medical debt collection agency. Having a reliable and proven service to help remove medical collections from your report can help protect you from the consequences of having a debt go to a collections agency. We’ll help you identify if the bill is legitimate, and in the event it isn’t, our collections removal experts will get to work.

Derogatory Mark Removal from Credit

Your credit score is a compilation of your financial history, from debts to assets and income, to your ability to repay debts or pay bills on time. When your score goes down, it’s because of a derogatory mark on your credit. These negative items can include collections debts, repossession, foreclosure, or even something as simple as missed payments on bills or a car payment. However, if you notice that the derogatory mark is an error, you can file a credit bureau dispute or the creditor to have it removed from your credit report.

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Don’t let unpaid collections linger on your credit report. Breathe easier with the online services from CSR, helping with your ongoing credit bureau disputes. Our Hershey, PA-based team can help you remove old debt from your credit bureau report, plus provide you with financial advice to keep your credit score high. We serve people looking to remove collections from their credit reports from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and all across the US, including locations such as Hazelton, Chester, and Reading, PA. Discover the difference the best credit correction service has to offer!