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Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

Bankruptcy is one of the most damaging events in a person’s financial life. For years, you might struggle to get credit cards or access loans. You might miss out on valuable opportunities and options, such as becoming a homeowner. To make matters worse, it’s increasingly difficult even to rent a home without a good credit score. Therefore, bankruptcy credit repair, filing bankruptcy disputes, and other bankruptcy removal services can help you survive.

For example, you can contest past credit reports. Studies show that as many as 70% of all credit reports may contain errors, which means your bankruptcy status could derive from filing errors. Credit Score Revival (CSR) can help you identify and dispute these errors through expert bankruptcy credit counseling services and provide help with removing bankruptcy early from your reports.

“Credit Score Revival assists in removing Bankruptcy from Credit Bureau Reports in the United States

After Bankruptcy Credit Repair

CSR is a team of bankruptcy dispute experts based in Hershey, PA, who can investigate your credit history to pinpoint errors and discrepancies that negatively affect your credit score. We service individuals looking to improve their credit from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, including areas such as Chester, Reading, and Hazelton, PA.

After a quick bankruptcy credit counseling session, we will determine the best options that hold the most promise of seeing immediate results from our after bankruptcy credit repair service. Furthermore, you can count on having all of this done quickly at one modest price.

Bankruptcy Removal Timelines

Everyone that has dealt with this process wants to know if they can get help with removing their bankruptcy early from their credit reports. Normally, it can take up to a decade to remove a bankruptcy from your credit reports. Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy — also referred to as reorganization bankruptcy — you’ll suffer from the ill effects of this condition for seven years. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you get your debt discharged while keeping your property, but you will have to complete a repayment plan over three to five years. It’s even worse when filed under Chapter 7 — also known as liquidation — which saddles people with bankruptcy for a longer timeline of 10 years. Chapter 7 bankruptcy means you have to surrender assets such as property or cash to clear some or all of your debt.

Instead of waiting for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to run its course, hire a bankruptcy credit counseling expert to dispute your bankruptcy status and get it off your report faster. Our team will help you better understand the bankruptcy removal timeline and identify areas where we can help remove these derogatory marks from your credit earlier.

Remove Bankruptcy from Credit Bureau Reports

The fastest way to help remove bankruptcy from your credit reports is to hire CSR’s bankruptcy credit counseling services to find errors in past credit reports. If there are disputable charges and discrepancies in credit reports, it’s possible to remove bankruptcy from credit bureau reports in weeks.

Bankruptcy on Credit Cards

While bankruptcy can result in someone losing much of what they’ve spent their lives building, this isn’t always the case. It may be possible to keep secured debts that have collateral while using bankruptcy to wipe out unsecured debts. When you file for bankruptcy on your credit cards, you get a better chance of discharging your unsecured debts.

When someone deliberately files for bankruptcy, this is generally their purpose. With CSR, you can consider if this is the best course of action and examine your credit reports to find which choices make the most sense for your situation. If it is necessary to declare bankruptcy, CSR can help you develop an after bankruptcy credit repair plan. Having a plan for post-bankruptcy can make all the difference.

Why Choose CSR?

All CSR team members pride themselves on being the best when it comes to bankruptcy credit counseling. This value shows in the quality of our bankruptcy removal services, the time it takes to get the job done, and the pricing model you pay.

Quick and Efficient

After a quick initial consultation, CSR will examine your credit history with our patented attention to detail. With years of experience in this area, we’re adept at quickly spotting mistakes that can harm your credit and lead to an incorrect declaration of bankruptcy. You also can repair a credit report online, saving time and money.

Get Your Credit Back on Track

Don’t languish under the burden of bankruptcy and bad credit when you don’t have to. Hire us for after bankruptcy credit repair services and get back on the path to good financial health. CSR is also on call for these and other financial needs if you need guidance on how to fix business credit or want to use our collections removal online service. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can help you.